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About Worcester Taxis, About us

Who we are?

Starting out a small Taxi firm, we primarily operated in and around the Worcester area. The Worcester Taxi Company began as a small fleet of vehicles with limited drivers. However, as we have grown as a company, we have expanded our Taxi and transportation services nationwide to accommodate a wider variety of your needs! Worcester Taxi company is a company that has been built from the ground up, providing a luxury, affordable transport service like no other in and around the Worcester area, and nationwide.

What makes us trustworthy?

The founder looked at the overpriced and often low-quality Taxi services he experienced throughout the nation and decided to go out on his own. The Worcester Taxi Company aims to pick up on the shortcomings of many other Taxi Services and build an overall better service, with luxury vehicles and professional drivers, all with an affordable and efficient journey.  We will happily taxi Worcester locals and the visitors to their desired location.

Our professionalism

We feel that far too many Cab companies are too focused on simply delivering you to your desired destination as fast and as efficiently as possible. At Worcester Taxi Company, we strongly believe that it is worth a slight increase in cost for us if it means that you have a far more enjoyable and comfortable journey to your destination.

About Worcester Taxis, About usFrom our drivers to our help desk operators, all our staff are trained and picked to be as experienced and as friendly as possible. We are available around the clock to assist you with any queries or questions you may have through our ‘Contact us’ page.

Our higher-level management teams are dedicated to bringing you the most efficient and positive Taxi services in Worcester and nationwide. They work on a personal level with many drivers and help desk team leaders to build a sense of unity and teamwork throughout the whole of Worcester Taxi Company, bringing you a far more efficient, affordable and connected experience.

We encourage all our drivers to maintain an exceptional standard for their vehicle(s), keeping them clean, fully operational and working tirelessly to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. As part of our driver employee vetting procedure, we look for drivers for Worcester Taxis that are not only willing and able to drive regularly but enjoy travelling and driving. We are firm believers that, if your driver enjoys the journey, your experience will also be that much more enjoyable.

All our services are available and suited to any customer, we have no limitations on journey length or route. Worcester Cab company like ours try its best to accommodate all potential customers and everyone involved, from managers to drivers, understand the varying needs of a different customer. To book one of our services, you simply need to enter a few details about your party size, journey information and vehicle specification and you’re good to go. Book one of our luxury Taxi services here (link). Or contact us on 01905 701901

At Worcester Taxi company, we are always working our hardest to bring you the most pleasurable and affordable transport to where you need to be.